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Chatham Disability Insurance for Employees

If an employee at your Chatham business is unable to work for an extended period of time due to an accident or illness, DRG Insurance Services long term, or short term disability plans can cover a portion or all of the lost income, enabling an injured employee to meet expenses. DRG Insurance Services offers flexible and affordable plans, with tax deductible premiums, as part of comprehensive group health coverage for your company.

Facts about Disability

"Over 11% of Canadian adults experienced one of the three most prevalent disability types: pain, mobility or flexibility. Of those who reported at least one of these disability types in 2012, more than 40% experienced all three at the same time."

"The next most commonly reported disabilities were mental/psychological, 3.9%; dexterity, 3.5%; hearing, 3.2%; seeing, 2.7%; followed by memory and learning disabilities, 2.3% each."

Source: Statistics Canada

DRG Insurance Services Disability Insurance

Did you know?

There is more than one kind of long term disability.

  • Different definitions of disability have different rates.
  • Traditionally you can be covered until you are age 65, but there is 2 year and 5 year coverage. Ask us why this may work for your company and how it can still cover those with serious disability right up to age 65.
  • You can adjust the start time of the "own occupation" time frame, which can save money.
  • There is a "mid-term" disability that can help lower the cost of long term disability.

Disability Coverage Options

Employee absences can become quite costly for any employer. Disability insurance may replace a portion of lost wages and is ultimately, an effective asset management strategy. DRG Insurance Services knows that as a busy Chatham employer, sifting through all of the coverage and premium payment options when considering disability insurance for your business can be challenging. We work closely with employers to help them determine the most cost effective methods for employee income protection in the event of illness or injury.

Long or Short Term Disability

DRG Insurance Services offers affordable plans for long term disability, or short term disability that can be customized for a small, medium, or large sized business. Our insurance specialists consistently provide tailored insurance solutions designed according to your business needs.

Free Disability Insurance Quote

With long standing access to multiple insurance carriers, DRG Insurance Services ensures that, as an employer, you receive the best rate possible regardless of the number of employees or the type of coverage you are looking for. Our insurance experts provide free quotes and consultations that enable you to provide important benefits to your workforce with minimal or at no extra cost to you as a Chatham employer.

Call us to find out more about our group disability plans.