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The covering of prescription drugs continues to one of the most important and often painful topics on the Canadian benefit landscape. From the addition of high cost"biologics" to the drug usage, OHIP+ for our children and the discussion on national pharmacare, it's not "business as usual".

With so many options available to business owners in Chatham, selecting the best group health plan for your employees can be confusing and requires careful consideration. DRG Insurance Services experts can help you determine which program best suits the needs of your company and can then customize coverage options according to your budget constraints.

A Range of Drug programs

What options are available to help control drug costs?

What can a company do to save money and still provide coverage to employees?

What are others companies doing to address these issues?

Some of the methods to address these questions were not available just a few years ago. They include:

  • Tiered drug coverage.
  • "Smart" drug controls.
  • Delivery methods.
  • Formulary selection.
  • Pre-defined spending limits.
  • Cost sharing with employees.

These are some of the current innovative and flexible plans that allow companies to have a choice, maintain coverage and save money.

Since costs and services may vary with each plan, DRG Insurance Services specialists are trained to optimize employee coverage and will explain the options available to you.

Control Costs and Improve Productivity

Our reliable network of trusted health care providers also offers preventative services and important health care information that can assist your employees with making informed decisions for better health, while increasing productivity and lowering your overall insurance costs.

To find out more about any of these options and flexible programs, contact us today.

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