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Employee Group Benefits.
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How Can I Attract Great People?

How Can I Keep The Great People I Already Have?

How Can I Satisfy Everyone's Needs?

How Can I Afford To Have The Benefits I Want For My Employees?

Plan Design

Chatham Group Health Insurance

We understand that while you want to provide the best group health plan possible for your employees, you need cost effective insurance with sufficient coverage that creates a positive atmosphere. Our experienced Chatham insurance specialists take the time to discuss a wide variety of plan design options that benefit employees at rates you can afford. Regardless of the size of your staff or particular benefit objectives, DRG Insurance Services selects from among a wide variety of carriers to find the group health insurance plan that is appropriate for your business.

Benefits of a group insurance for your business in Chatham

Over the years surveys show that next to what you pay your employees, Group Benefits are the next most important factor to attract and retain good people.

Happier and healthier workers, happier and healthier families, result in a positive work environment and productivity for your company.

In addition to offering a great benefit plan, your benefit coverage also contributes to increased employee moral while providing tax incentives and benefits to you as an employer.

There are many excellent potential employees just waiting to work for your business, but they may not apply if you don’t offer them what they need to live a comfortable life.

Which Plan is Right for your Business?

How well does your Group Benefit Plan answer the 4 "How's" above?

What's working? What's not working?

Customize your coverage

Since coverage and benefits may vary within the larger Chatham region, contact us to find the most feasible solutions for the health insurance needs for you and your employees. Now than ever before, there are a host of options, flexible program and choices that did not exist just a short time ago. We design plans and offer insurance products for any sized business and help you monitor costs and the health of your workforce. Your employees will benefit and so will your business with benefit plan design, made just for you and your employees!

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