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Small Business

Chatham Small Business Plans

As a business owner, you may be a "one man show". However, most of the needs of a larger employer are the same for the small and one person companies. You still need advise on the most tax efficient and cost effective ways of providing health and well being for yourself and for your family.

Are you looking for

  • coverage that will support your company should you become ill?
  • pay the bills for unexpected high cost claims?
  • manage the cost of drug coverage?
  • pay for your health claims with before tax dollars?
  • implement a cost ceiling for healthcare and still provide benefits?
  • travel out of the country for work or pleasure and have peace of mind coverage?

All of this choice is yours with the multitude of available products offered to small and individual companies. Answering all your questions and satisfying you with a variety of options to address your individual and small business needs.

Much of the same coverage can be offered to individuals.

Affordable Health Insurance Plans Designed Just For You

Choose from:

Medical coverage

that is a fully insured, small business benefits, designed for those who do not have any health insurance with their employer in the Chatham region.

HealthCare Spending Accounts (HCSA)

give you a pre-determined spending limit that can be used to cover almost any healthcare need. Setting up an HCSA is easy and getting paid for claims is as easy as taking a picture with your mobile phone.

Catastrophic Drug Coverage

provides you with a peace of mind in knowing that if you require a high cost drug, perhaps a biologics, you won't have to worry where the money will come from.

Emergency Medical Travel Coverage

is designed for trips in Canada and out of Canada. Choose a single trip like a vacation or work trip, or choose a "multi-trip" annual plan that keeps you safe any time you leave the province for work or pleasure.

Call us today to find out about Customized Healthcare Coverage

Ask a DRG Insurance Services health insurance specialist for more information about specialized coverage for you.

Contact our Chatham benefit advisor to find out more about individual health care coverage that can include any of the products mentioned above. Protect your family’s well-being by ensuring you have coverage when you need it most. With a wide range of options and a multitude of insurance partners at our disposal DRG Insurance Services experts can provide the individual coverage you need at affordable rates. Find out today.